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Our Coffee

The beans used in Two Dads Coffee Co. dark and medium roast coffees come from a region of Guatemala known as the Boca Costa (“mouth to the coast”).  It is a mountainous region that sits back from the Pacific Coast, and over a dozen villages from the area came together over 60 years ago to form the Nahualá Cooperative.  The cooperative approach has allowed these indigenous, small-scale coffee growers to maintain more control over the price and the terms under which they sell their beans, and has served as an important platform to accomplish things such as obtaining organic and Fair Trade certification.  These and other accomplishments directly benefit the farmers and their communities, while also providing value to the end consumer who enjoys the premium beans produced.

The coffee bean itself is an Arabica variety grown at high altitude under the shade of ceiba, banana, and jacaranda trees.  These growing conditions create the smooth nutty flavors and the slight hint of citrus you will appreciate in our coffees.  Our roasting process brings out a rich caramel flavor in the medium roast and delicious chocolate notes in the dark roast.

The beans you enjoy have been carefully sorted to remove defects and ensure a consistent smooth flavor, giving the final product a specialty coffee rating with European Preparation standards.  We hope you enjoy the rich, dynamic flavors produced by Guatemalan growers who take great pride in their crops and Portland roasters who take great pride in their craft.